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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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violence yet not curb the rights of gun owners. the issues on comeplexity when you talk to sport shooters when they engage in what they call a hobby. the congresswoman let us sit in represent indicating what democrats did on capitol hill when they ran into gop opposition. meantime in morganhill shooters were testing their skills with moving targets. >> i don't think people understand there's a sporting aspect to guns. we're not trying to commit any kind of a crime with them or insight any kind of violence with them. we're out to do a sport. >> reporter: eye reason is a shooting instructor. she was spending portart of her day
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shooting guns with friends. >> they do not understand what's going on in terms of the entertainment and the joy that can be in an outdoor sport we participate in. >> reporter: jackie and her friends were shooting for the first time. >> it's fun. good experience and a day off to enjoy. >> reporter: the representative is determined to break the impacts in washington. >> we are not going to put up with business as usual in congress anymore. we want some sane gun violence prevention laws passed. >> reporter: sports shooters are hoping their efforts to teach gun safety and provide instruction can make a difference too. abc 7 news. today tens of thousands celebrated independence day at the annual parade in san jose. it's one of the most popular events in the bay area with roots dating back to the first carnival of roses in 1996.
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this year's theme was bicycle on the alameta. an annual tri-valley tradition drew a huge crowd this morning. abc 7 news was in danville for that community's annual fourth of july parade. the events has been entertaining families for generations. the parade dates back to 1958. the club has sponsored that event for the past 40 years. happening now, the gates are opening for tonight's fourth of july convert and fireworks show. the city is hosting that event and warns drivers to expect significant traffic delays and road closures throughout the evening around the area. fireworks are scheduled for 9:15 tonight. signs are up along part of san francisco's water front in anticipation of tonight's
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fireworks show. abc was in the park early easterly today as crews set up for the display. this is another hot spot. the festivities convicted off with with a concert. we have a look at the celebrations. >> reporter: hi. it feels like most of san francisco is already down here making their way to the pier where there's music and food and it seems plenty of fog. it appears that the fog isn't going to take a break tonight but it's early. things can change. this afternoon crews were loading dozens of tubes on barges set off by a computer-based operating system. because of an unpredictable weather there will be shells that can go fewer than
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1,000 feet in the air. >> we don't put a lot in this show because we have the potential and we don't want to lose them into the fog. >> reporter: this year you can download an app allowing you to listen to a synch niezed sound track. the show will go on for 23 minutes but as we've come to know nothing is guaranteed. >> maybe a few. we'll see. >> reporter: you're not saying. >> if there's fog you might not see them. be careful. we have a few things every year that we try to make a little more different and unique. >> reporter: the pier was packed with locals this afternoon but mostly tourists showing off their red, white and blue. >> at this time i came for my friend. >> go u.s.a. >> reporter: many say no matter what the weather brings it won't dampen the fourth of july spirit. >> we're part of our country no matter what's happening out here, we still love it and
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always will. >> reporter: abc 7 news. here's a live look right now outside from our camera on top of the mount. the fog could get in the way of watching fireworks tonight. spencer christian has our forecast for the rest of the fourth of july and i've got my fingers crossed. >> reporter: i do have the foggiest notion about what's going on. let's look at doppler 7 hd. you just saw that fog is building at the coast line and pushing locally in patches out over the bay. it's mainly clear inland but before we get to the fog forecast i want to call your attention to the beach hazard advisory in effect through tonight. there are hazardous conditions aloeng the coast line. the water is cold and there are strong rip current. with that in minute let's get to
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the fog. the fog is continuing a rather aggressive push out over the bay. the inland areas are having the fireworks will have good viewing conditions but here in san francisco it looks like the fog could play a role. low 60s inland and here in the city it looks like the fog will be present daesit's a matter of how much and how dense. >> thank you. as spencer mentioned the weather has caused a warning in the coastal areas but not enough to keep people from trying to look at the whales. >> reporter: it has been breezy out here at the beach and the fog just started rolling in here to pacifica but there are a lot of people who told me there's nowhere else they'd rather be on the fourth of july especially with the whales providing such a
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great show. for the last week the beach has been a popular spot for a special show off the coast. >> they were keeping up and you could see the blow hole and they were kind of like going along the coast here. >> reporter: you can see what the whales are doing friday. they're feeding in these waters. marine scientists tell us weather patterns push schools of fish close to the coast and that's what whaelz are after. surfers are getting a good vantage point. >> i saw spots coming off the water about 20 yards out past the beach line. >> reporter: the national weather service has issued a beach hazard warning throughout the evening. there are strong rip currents. on ocean beach there are fire restrictions and then there's the chilly weather and wind but that hasn't stopped party plans. this man and his friend are in
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for the long haul. >> i got this for $13. it's pretty cool. i don't have it filled with candy yet. >> reporter: even his dog is decked out to help celebrate the fourth of july. abc 7 news. fireworks may be the cause of a small brush fire in pittsburgh today. about four acres burned. firefighters stopped the blameflames from getting close to houses. fireworks were used before this fire broke out and destroyed roofing materials. the flames caused about $100,000 in damage last night. no one was hurt. a grass fire broke out on 80 and traffic has slowed to a crawl because of the smoke and flame arising from the vegetation burning on the side of the freeway. fire crews are on the scene now trying to get it under control. nearly one dozen fires are
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burning across california right now. the trail head fire is burning in the foothills. more than 5,000 acres have been charred since last tuesday and that fire is 25% contained. the fire started by power lines has burned 30 acres and is 60% contained. nearly 3,000 acres have burned in this fire since it sparked on friday. firefighters now have it 90% contained. half of the wildfires burning in california are more than 80% contained right now. strength in numbers just added a player with some of the best numbers in the nba. why adding kevin durant to the roster may backfire for the warriors. it's devastating. >> the plan to save a land mark gay bar in san francisco as it faces a 300% rent hike. >> what goes up must come down and i don't want to catch a
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stray bullet because someone was trying to have fun. a day off work for most people is a day of extra work for police and firefighters. see what they're doing to keep us safe. see the people march
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it is an incredible day for dove nation. kevin durant is a golden state warrior warrior. he signed a two year contract worth $54 million. the second year durant will have the option to resign or end the contract. the warriors are the seventh team to feature two mvp winners
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on the some roster. fans are excited. >> i'm excited right now. thinking 82-0. sweep through the finals. that's what i'm thinking. bad news season tickets might cost triple. >> oklahoma city founder said the team is proud of what they accomplished with durant. they understand that he made a business decision. mike joins us now with a look at the warriors significant edition and what it means for the team. >> i have to say i was shocked but not surprised. kevin durant was a dynamic duo but no titles. he said it wasn't the money. he knew it would never work out and moved on to the team that beat him which shows how impressive the warrior's organization is.
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it's great for the warriors and fans but this is equivalent to larry bird joining the lakers. it shows there's no loyalty any longer in the nba. this blows up the roster that we knew and grew to love. several players are gone and they're not going to renew the contracts of the remaining six free agents. no more strength in numbers on this bench. he is added to this potent lineup. chemistry will be interesting as he tries to keep everyone happy with one basketball. durant is a top five street star in this league and how he will fit, time will tell. chemistry is important in terms of winning championships. the warriors are going to start over next week. >> it's going to fun to watch. >> it is. >> thanks.
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there will be an old fashioned fourth of july celebration tonight. people lined up to buy safe fireworks. some spent way more than $100 to enjoy a fireworks show at home. >> fireworks is a big part of fourth of july for us every year. >> just the three of us hanging out at my house once a year it's a treat. >> this is one of a few bay area cities to allow fireworks. it's become a big fundraisers for organizations that sell them. a 9-year-old girl is hospitalized today after losing a hand to illegal fireworks on over the weekend. she was hit in the park on saturday when somebody tossed a fire cracker near her. she didn't know it was lit and she picked it up with the firework exploded and damaged her left hand so badly doctors had to accompany tait it. she last fingers on her right hand and suffered burns on her face. police are can looking for the people who tossed the fire
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cracker. celebrating safely takes extra work from the police and firefighters. we are joined with a look at their efforts. >> reporter: this is one of three fire stations where they have collection bins out for illegal fireworks but so far this fourth of july this is all they've collected at this location. these are jumping jacks. the rest and we've been hearing them all day are clearly out on the streets. this fourth of july the oakland fire department won't just wait for emergency calls to come to them. they'll be out on patrol looking for dangerous situations. >> we've hired some individuals to come back and they're going to patrol not only the flat lands but up in the hill area to monitor any illegal firework activity and to serve as a scout for particular fires. >> we watched several go off. >> reporter: he's seen it all before. and he isn't looking forward to
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seeing all the illegal fire works and gun fire go after again this fourth of july. >> what goes up must come down and i don't want to catch a stray bullet because someone is trying to celebrate the fourth of july by shooting off a gun in the air. >> reporter: this is what his neighbors will likely be in for tonight, illegal fireworks everything from sparkles and roman candles. good thing? bad thing? >> good thing. it can be a bad thing too but it's all in good fun i guess. everybody is trying to enjoy themselves. >> reporter: oakland police will handle most of the enforcement action. are you going to enjoy it tonight or stay in the house. >> i'm going to enjoy it tonight. >> reporter: other residents told us they plan to stay safe by staying home. >> i'd rather be safe at home. >> reporter: in oakland abc 7 news.
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>> you can share your photos from july fourth with abc news. you can see them on tv like these pictures. it is time to check our forecast and find out if it's going to get a good view of those fireworks tonight. >> here is spencer christian with our forecast. we have a view. it may not be the best view we've ever had but it will be a view. here is a look at the fog that's beginning to increase now. mostly clear inland. so inland areas with fireworks will have good viewing conditions but here in san francisco this is the view. you can see how much fog is spreading over the bay right now. oakland 64, low to mid 70s in napa. this is near the santa cruz beach where it's cloudy but not fog foggy. the water is cold and there aren't many people in the water right now.
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we have current temperature readings at 67 in santa rosa and 80 degrees in livermore and as you look at fog pushing through the golden gate. we'll see clouds continuing to push in inland. it will be cooler than average tomorrow and the rest of the week. it will be warmer this coming weekend. lots of fog will have pushed inland by early tomorrow morning and lows will be in the low to mid 50s. starting at 5:00 a.m. as the morning commute begins under reduced visibility. we'll see the fog pushing back or pulling back to the coast in the afternoon hours so we'll have a mainly sunny afternoon over inland and bay side locations but fog will remain at the coast in the afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow in the south bay will be in the mid to upper 70s. 78 at san jose and on the peninsula we'll see highs of 7
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3. the coast will be foggy. in and around san francisco we'll see highs in the low to mid 60s, about 62 degrees downtown. away from the coast it will be mostly sunny with highs in 72 in nevada. 71 at union city and inland look for highs in the 70s. here is the seven day forecast. we'll have a steady pattern of temperatures through the remainder of the week. highs inland will be in the low to mid 80s and low to mid 70s around the bay but we have a warm up starting on sunday. highs will bounce up into the upper 80s and it will be a couple of degrees warmer on monday around 90 degrees and low 60s on the coast. as for the fireworks tonight the fog is going to be here so we
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might as well get some colorful low clouds. >> thanks. that's look at some fireworks in orlando, florida. the fireworks for here are scheduled in about three hours because obviously it's 9:21 over there in a florida. >> up next overcoming a 300% rent hike.
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we are following breaking news in east san jose where police have shot a man that was both threatening and suicidal. it's happening on story road just east of interstate 680. police are not giving out many details such as the man's condition or why they believe they had on open fire. we will bring you more information as we get it. an iconic gay bar in san francisco is on the verge of closing but help may be coming to save the bar. >> a rent hike is a big reason the owners decided to close. vik lee is live at the bar with the story. >> reporter: this bar is on the corner of 9th and harrison. just two weeks ago this bar celebrated it's 50th anniversary but a 300% rent hike may cause these bars to remain permanent.
6:25 pm
however, to the rescue a group called sos. >> it's absolutely devastating. >> reporter: this woman is a regular here. >> it's not just for the lgbt community. it is actually for a much larger population. it's for the whole of san francisco. >> reporter: this entertainer and countless other performers have wowed crowds at the bar for over 50 years but now faced with a 300% rent hike this institution is in danger of closing. the employees and others were at a meeting last night and an emotional announcement the owner said new owners of the building are raising the rent 300% come september to $9,000 a month.
6:26 pm
he said the rent increase and his mother's health are reasons he's going back home to hawaii. out of the meeting emerged a group that will try and save the study. >> they're going to try and hopefully step in and buy the liquor license and then move the bar to a different location. >> reporter: this man has been a bartender here for 27 years. he's offered to pay september's rent. >> i figured it would help buy some time so that for those that went to step in and do the right thing and try and make sure the bar survives that we have that time to do it. >> reporter: the stud is the oldest continuously operating gay bar south of market. abc 7 news. 20,000 people lined the streets of alemada in one of the nation's longest parades. >> meet the participates who
6:27 pm
marched, rolled and road for more than three
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one of the biggest fourth of july parades in the country happens here in the bay area every year. >> thousands of people take part and thousands more watch it. >> wayne freedman gives us an up close look. >> reporter: when the founding fathers created this nation the words melting pot never crossed their minds. who would have thought it would manifest in alameda every july fourth. >> it's one of the biggest parades in the united states. 170 floats 2,500 participants, 30,000 people watching. it goes on and on and on. how do you qualify for this parade. >> i don't think tlaeshere's any qualifications. there's no requirements outside
6:31 pm
of showing up. >> reporter: had we done a roll call this morning it would show a good portion of alameda marched in the parade or watched it. >> i think it says we come together once a year. >> reporter: these people in motion in variations of red, white and blue for causes and self expression that would please the founders who might be surprised to found the second amendment has become controversial. >> there's no reason to have semi automatic weapons. >> reporter: beth marched in favor of gun control today. the national rifle association's float that did not make the float this year due to a health issue. >> i'm waiting on an amazing response a lot of support, a lot of people cheering. i think it shows that the tiedde is turning. >> reporter: had the founders asked for more information we
6:32 pm
would have had tell them it's complicated. freedom always is even on july fourth. abc 7 news. thousands of other bay area residents celebrated america's independence with parades in their communities. a marching band cruised along the streets for today's fourth of july parade. there were patriotic meldies played in this parade. earlier this morning joggers warmed up along the route with a run and walk and for those who worked up an appetite there was plenty to eat at the annual pancake breakfast hosted by fire station number nine. let's look at baltimore.
6:33 pm
look at the fireworks there. it looks so cool. fireworks going off as they celebrate the fourth of july. >> it does look low. rainy weather soaked the nation's capital cancelling the fourth of july fourth of july picnic and the president and his family enjoyed all the festives there. the family is also celebrating daughter ma leah's birthday. she turns 18 today. she's the older of the two children, she was ten years old when her father was elected president. tomorrow president obama will join hillary clinton on the campaign trail. it will take place in north carolina a week after obama endorsed clinton. the aids hope this will help unify the party around her.
6:34 pm
today donald trump met with iowa senator as he searches for a potential running mate. he served in the iraq war. over the weekend trump met with the indiana governor another potential vice presidential pick. a new poll by u.s.a. today finding clinton leading trump by five percentage points. that's about half the lead she had two months ago. the poll has a margin offer air or of three percentage points. several explosions in saudi arabia today. smoke could be seen rising outside a mosque where. four security officers were killed and five people were injured when a suicide bomber detonated his vest. this follows two other suicide bombings including one near the u.s. con sul ate. iraq's prime minister has
6:35 pm
ordered tougher security measures as the death toll from the weekend suicide bombing in bagdad has reached 157. the attack is fueling anger against the iraqi government. protesters threw rocks at his convoy as he went to inspect the damage. isis has claimed responsibility. it's the group's third attack in a week. the berkeley student killed after being taken hostage will be remembered by classmates tomorrow. she was visiting for the summer. she was one of 20 hostages killed in the attack by islamic militants last friday. we may be a few hours away from a major announcement by
6:36 pm
nasa. >> we're going to get the answers we're all seeking about the beginning of our solar system. >> coming up, the journey to jupiter that's been five years in the making. >> reporter: a family suspend their satellite tv se
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if you spent long periods of time out of town you probably don't like paying for services like internet or trash pickup for all the months you're not at home. >> a north bay man thought he suspended his tv contract but he needed help from michael finney to make it work. >> reporter: he was a smart consumer. the confusion began when a salesperson told him one thing and corporate headquarters told him another and the deal he thought he got, he didn't. bob likes his direct tv but he only needs it six months of the year. >> i have two homes. one in northern california and one in southern california. >> reporter: he wants the service on while he's here up north and off when he's down south. >> a representative from direct tv. >> reporter: the direct tv salesperson told him he could
6:40 pm
suspend the service for the six months he's gone. he says he was offered a $38 monthly discount for the time his service is turned back on. >> worked fine. he had service for six months. i called direct tv and i said i'm going to suspend service for six months. >> reporter: however the shock came after service was restored this summer. bob's bill went from $65 to $102. >> they took away the discount. >> reporter: bob contacted direct tv saying the discount was supposed to carry over. >> i talked to accounting department and they said there's nothing they could do. i talked to customer service and they said there's nothing they could do. >> reporter: bob says it wasn't the extra cost that bothered him. >> it's about principal. when a representative of a company makes an agreement, the company must stand behind that agreement. >> reporter: he contacted 7 on your side. we asked direct tv about his bill. a spokesperson told us his discount expired after one
6:41 pm
calendar year but bob qualified for a new discount of $40 a month. direct tv said we work hard to ensure our customers are aware of first year discount kplir rashs and monthly pricing. sales agents are trained to cover this information and included in the order confirmationon confirmation. bob's just asked about it. >> i'm glad they listened today. you're on my side. >> reporter: if the salesperson makes you an offer, make sure you confirm it in writing. direct tv says customers are supposed to receive an e-mail contain terms of their agreement. make sure that happens before you go forward with anything you negotiate. to see my report go to abc 7 and then select 7 on your side. >> thanks. are we there yet. that's some people have been asking for five years and today the answer is finally yes.
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nasa scientists are on the edge of their seats right now.
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in less than two hours a spacecraft is set to go into orbit around jupiter. abc has more on the mission that hinges on one challenging maneuver. >> reporter: it's hard to believe that today's the day we go into orbit around jupiter. >> reporter: nasa scientists are excited and nervous. >> we know there's a huge lift. >> reporter: and lift off on a trek to jupiter. the mission launched five years ago. >> i was scared watching the rocket going juno's on top of that. >> reporter: it swung around the solar system using gravity headed for this. >> it is the king of our salolar system. this is it. largest planet and more massive than all the other plan it's and everything else in our solar system combined. >> reporter: juno will have to cross a moat of radiation.
6:46 pm
it's instruments powered by the sun. >> it will operate further from the sun than any other solar powered mission in history. >> reporter: for 35 minutes it will have to turn away from the sun to fire its engines. >> if the main engine doesn't fire we're just slung out the bottom of the planet like a bullet. >> reporter: if it does fire it will go into an orbit designed to dodge the crushing radiation while it takes pictures and measurements. >> this is about looking beneath that surface. we have to go down and look at what's inside and see how it's built, how deep the features go. >> reporter: features like the great red spot and whether this gas giant has a rocky core. it will take a feat of rocket science. >> we're going to get the answers we're seeking about the beginning of our solar system. >> reporter: the maneuver starts at 7:30 but nasa won't hear
6:47 pm
about it until 8:18. that's how long it takes for the waves to travel from jupiter to earth. abc 7 news. joey chomped his way to a record at the hot dog eating contest in new york city today. >> final seconds. and he got 70. he got 70. >> the most hot dogs ever eaten on the corner of 5th street in the history of man kind. >> the man with the nickname jaws devoured 70 dogs. he oust in had matt the mega toad. he ate 17 more dogs than stony. stony is from san jose. he lost to stony last year. a las vegas residents ate 38
6:48 pm
hot dogs. blue skies and sun for this independence day. >> paul captured this shot of the american flag. >> you can see your pictures on tv too. spencer is back with the forecast. low clouds will play a role in our viewing of fireworks here this evening. skies remain clear inland but the low clouds and fog have eestablished eestablished established a presence in the bay. 72 down south in los angeles. fog will be extensive in the early morning hours and it will settle in at the coast in the frooen. highs tomorrow will range from the upper 70s to low 80s. here is the seven day forecast.
6:49 pm
we'll have a steady pattern in the low to mid 80s and around the bay low to mid 70s but a warming trend begins next sunday. >> all right. thank you. we want to update you now on the breaking news we told you about earlier of the police shooting in east san jose. >> abc 7 news reporter katie is live at the scene. >> reporter: we are on scene about a block from the crime scene. we're on story road. it happened one block down there at feller avenue. you can see the police presence here and all the police cars and flashing lights at this time. we're seeing a large number of people gather here at the crime scene awaiting information. curious neighbors as well. at this time the san jose police department only confirming to us that they are investigating an officer involved shooting. i talked with one neighbor who was here at the time of the shooting and he tells me he
6:50 pm
heard two shots and then screaming. again, the san jose police department investigating an officer involved shooting. they have roads closed here as they continue to investigate. we're waiting to hear exactly what happened and the condition of the victim as well. live in san jose. abc 7 news. >> thank you for that update. ever heard the phrase embarrassment of riches. big news for warrior fans kevin durant has decided to join the warriors this season. he said bye to
6:51 pm
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if you missed it you're really not paying tension. kevin durant has decided to leave the okc thunder after nine years and join the warriors. he has an out after one year. it's not about the money. he makes $30 million a year so the lure of the ring and a great locker room chemistry drew him to the bay area.
6:54 pm
jerry west made a phone call to kevin and related the fact that he went to nine nba title games and one only one ring. durant does not have a ring and has a chance here to get several. kevin felt like it was time for a new chapter in his life and career. >> we're not going to be detestified. we're going to continue to advance and there's a new beginning here for the thunder and we have to embrace that and we have to lean into that. >> the warriors have agreed to trade their center and his $11 million salary so they can sign durant. he will miss his ability to screen defenders. they replaced him with a new center who agreed to a one year deal for $2.9 million. they also agreed to a four year $94 million offer sheet so
6:55 pm
dallas geet two warriors five starters in one day. >> they return home with 52 wins. they host the rockies today and nothing goes together better than baseball and the fourth of july. bottom of the second the rockies led 1-0 until buster steps up to the plate and got the pitch he wanted. it's the tends home run of the season. deep into the bleachers and ties the game at one. things got worse for the starting pitcher in the third. he had his fourth of the year. he led 3-1 and anderson drops to 0-3 on the year. five pitches from the bullpen. he strikes out to end the game. getting swept by pittsburgh for an early game. he scores high in the game at one. same inning the bases loaded and
6:56 pm
one out. he crossed to home and he picks it up and gets the out. he hit 400 with runners in scoring position and nearly takes off his head but he gets by and snaps a four game losing streak. the sports report is brought to you by orchard supply hardware. serena williams and federer and others advance to the quarterfinals in wimbledon. >> join us tonight. we're live with the fireworks displays as they happen and the forecast on those foggy conditions. then on abc 7 news at 11, t-shirt trouble. a custom t-shirt store is facing criticism from a message they printed on a donald trump shirt. at 8:00 it's the bachelorette
6:57 pm
and mistresses at 10:00 and abc news at 11:00. then jimmy kimmel. >> that's it for this edition. look for breaking news on twitter. >> we'll see you at 9:00 and
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